​GReat employees!


The best possible way we can quickly find you strong candidates and to help you retain those new hires long term, is to partner with you as an extension of your HR department. If you are a small to medium sized company, you may not have the need for a full-time HR or recruitment department but do require a professional recruiter to assist during hiring periods.

We are not just going to send you resumes. Anyone can do that. We’re going to take the time to understand your business and the requirements for the job openings you need to fill.  But that will only happen if you are willing to partner with us so that we can create a plan tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. Each and every one of our clients is unique and their needs continue to change over time.

We can assist with writing job descriptions that will attract the right applicants. We have unique ways and proven experience for attracting candidates and head-hunting for passive candidates. We will do pre-screening interviews that ensure candidates match what you are looking for and only send you strong, pre-qualified candidates. We can also assist with the internal interview process, reference checks and onboarding.  We can do as much or a little as you require to help you find and hire the right employees quickly. Every recruitment strategy will be unique and tailored to your needs. And if we can’t make the right match, we’ll tell you up front. 

Another benefit to working with Great Employees is a flat hourly rate, we do not charge high contingency rates of 22% - 25% of a new hires base salary, we will only charge you a flat hourly rate which make us very affordable to small and medium sized businesses.